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All About Brows

Eyebrow trends are constantly changing; feathering, pencil thin, bold “Instagram” brows, and even more natural thick brows, you name it. Your eyebrows really shape your face and can make or BREAK a look so choosing the right shape is very critical. Keep reading to discover why we have eyebrows, how to find your eyebrow shape, how to shape and style them at home, how to make your eyebrows grow, and so much more.

Why do we have eyebrows?

While we evolved to lose most of our body hair, our eyelashes and eyebrows remained and for good reason! We have eyebrows to keep rain and sweat out of our eyes, deflect debris and shield our eyes from the Sun.

Good Brow Maintenance

I love to moisturize my brows daily with different oils. I’ve created a combination of oils to stimulate brow and lash hair from my line The Vanity Collection. I highly recommend this if you’ve been a victim of overplucking or are starting over after having a bad wax job.

Face Shapes and how to style your eyebrows based on yours

-Round shaped faces should keep high arched brows to elongate the face.

-Oval shaped faces should keep a softly arched brow. This face shape is the most ideal and therefore shouldn’t be given extra illusions.

-Long faces should keep more of a straight brow shape to give the face a shortened illusion.

-Square faces should create a defined arch and the top of the brow.

-A heart shaped face needs curved or rounded brows to balance out the chin.

How to shape your brows

You’ll need Slanted/Pointed tweezers, Brow Pencil, and a Brow Brush. To keep from looking too surprised or risking eyebrows that are too thin, always start tweezing a line at a time. Always try to keep your brows as close to its natural form as possible. If you have to grow them out do so for at least four weeks. To start shaping, outline your preferred brow shape with a brow pencil and then remove only the hairs that fall outside the line. Consider using an eyebrow stencil to help if needed, but if you don’t have one here is how to find your shape:

Mark the Starting Point

For the eyebrows to look appealing and natural, you must start them at the right place.

You can use your tweezers to recognize the ideal place to start.Place them at the point where you will start. Make sure that they point to your nose then turn the tweezers to the top of your eye. Your point to stop is where the tweezers sit at a straight line at the outer corner of the eye.Repeat this for both sides and mark the spots using an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner.

Use your eyebrow pencil to draw a line with a natural curve from start to finish

points. Use this line to direct where to pluck.

Determine the Thickness of the Brows

You have the freedom to choose whether you want thin or thick eyebrows. Factor in the shape of your face using what you just learned above as well as the color of the brows before making the final decision. Also, consider how thick the hair on your head is to match it to your brows.

Shape an Arch

After achieving the ideal thickness, it is time to start shaping an arch. Use your tweezers again to mark central points on the eyebrows in the middle of the eye. The arch begins only to the outer sides of these marks. The goal here is to create a tail towards the end of the brows by removing hairs at the top of the eyebrow only. TAKE YOUR TIME. While working with the arch, focus more on the top part of the eyebrows. Do not force a natural arch at the bottom if one does not exist at the top. If necessary, use an eyebrow pencil to make or complete the arch.

Tweeze Right

It is a bit uncomfortable initially. However, as you continue to tweeze over time, you’ll

hardly feel any pain. It is also recommended for eyebrow maintenance at home for

beginners because it gives you a lot more control, allowing you to remove a few hairs at a time. For healthy skin and to prevent infection be sure to keep your tweezers are clean to

avoid any breakouts due to bacteria.

Fill Them In

For women with thin or patchy eyebrows, adding depth and color to the brows is

important. There are some different tools and techniques that you may use to achieve this

goal. One of them is an eyebrow pencil. Most people think that it’s just a complement to

makeup, but I’m a true believer that if you have your eyebrows and lashes done and take good care of your skin then you won’t need makeup daily. Find a pencil with a fine tip that

you can use to create strokes that look like actual brow hair. Other than eyebrow pencils you can also use an angled brush and powder or brow pomades and markers when you want to reconstruct the shape of your brow dramatically.


Girl, I don’t know how else to say that if you want your brows to LAY, you need a good

eyebrow gel. Good tinted-gels are perfect for giving you an extra fill in on days where you don’t want to use an eyebrow pencil, while clear gels are good for layering on top of a fill in or just keeping your brows in place. Gels are THE key to a longer lasting look.

Finally, brush your brows. The truth is that brushing is one of the most important steps if you want beautiful brows that slay. A good eyebrow brush helps you separate and soften your brows without removing any of the makeup you may have on. Start at the roots and brush in the direction of the growth of hair. Be kind to your brows, and encourage them to grow by treating them right. Don’t overpluck, over wax, or settle for the wrong shape for your face. The best way to get the right perspective is to stand at least a foot away from the mirror and assess your look. Take into account your face shape and style goals to get the facial style and look you desire. Last, but not least, have fun. Don’t overthink it!

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